The county is sanctioning me.

The county can reduce or take away your benefits (sanction you) if you did not do what they asked, such as not doing a work project or not turning in paperwork.


The county must give you a written notice telling you that the county is reducing or stopping your benefits and why. The county must give you a chance to give a good reason for not doing what the county asked. If you think the county is wrong, you can appeal and have your case heard by an independent hearing officer. The written notice should tell you how to appeal and how long you have to appeal.


Once you appeal, there will be a hearing scheduled to give you a chance to explain why your benefits should not be reduced or stopped and for a hearing officer to decide if the county is right or wrong. If the hearing officer decides you are right, the hearing officer can order the county to end the sanction or reconsider their decision.


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Look at the written notice or on the back of the written notice for instructions about how to appeal.

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