I do not have insurance and I need health care.

Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), almost everyone has access to health care.  There are many options for free or affordable health insurance.

There are five ways to get insurance:

  1. Sign up for government programs, like Medicare or Medi-Cal. If you are eligible for a government program, all or most of your health care costs will be covered at no charge to you.

  2. Get health insurance through your employer or your spouse’s or parent’s employer.

  3. Buy insurance from Covered California, the states health insurance “exchange.”  Most people will qualify for Advanced Premium Tax Credits (APTCs) to help them pay for a plan.

  4. Buy insurance from a private insurance company on your own.

  5. Sign up for your county operated health program


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Here’s how you apply for the government programs:



Covered CA


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